Brunswick Tooling are able to produce Reamers from 3mm upto 252mm.  From 7.75mm to 252mm these can be supplied with either micro grain carbide or cermet brazed inserts. Additionally we are able to offer the latest coating for maximum tool life and performance.

The Brunswick Reamer will achieve bore tolerances normally associated with boring, grinding and honing.

Brunswick Precision Adjustable Carbide Tipped Reamers are finish ground to customer order. At the final grinding and inspection operations the Reamer diameter is electronically gauged. That size is printed and attached to the Reamers protective case and acts as a Certificate of Conformity.

Brunswick Precision Adjustable Tipped Reamers have a limited adjustment for wear compensation. Reamers are supplied with Through tool coolant as standard

Key features

  • Adjustable for wear compensation
  • Pre-set to your tolerance
  • Micro grain carbide or cermet tipped
  • Blades marked for adjustment and measurement

Key benefits

  • Can be adjusted in the machine using an Allen key and micrometer
  • Extended tool life and greater control of finished size
  • No setting required
  • Consistent bore size and finish