Carbide Special Tools

By listening carefully to our customers and working with them we can manufacture the best tool for the job. Whether in solid carbide or brazed carbide from a component DRG, CAD print or sketch. We can begin the process of helping to develop the right tool for the job.

A detailed drawing is prepared and either faxed or e-mailed for your confirmation.

With access to the latest Walter software, we can then custom design a tool with exact parameters, simulate the grinding process and create a 3D picture of the finished tool.

All this is done in much less time before actual production is started, meaning we can respond to the tight delivery times our customers require.

Delivering durable, high precision and performance solutions the Brunswick Tooling engineering team delivers.

Regrind and recoat services is also available with competitive prices and lead times. Whether its high-performance carbide drills and end mills or HSS items our team is ready to service this.